When should the Vampiro be used?

It can be used on any laparoscopic, thoracoscopic or robotic procedure. It is especially beneficial in procedures to evacuate large volumes of fluid when fluid is sequester in body cavities recesses.


What size trocar does the Vampiro require?

It requires a 10 mm or larger trocar.


What brand and/or size spot suction catheter does the Vampiro require?

Any 5mm spot suction catheter that is at least 32cm in length, regardless of the brand, is compatible with the Vampiro. Shorter lengths can be used in the Poole suction mode only.


How can I more easily slide the Vampiro over the spot suction catheter?

The design provides a required resistance to eliminate air escape and maintain catheter position. Using irrigation to lubricate the inside of the Vampiro will result in less resistance to slide the catheter.


How can I order the Vampiro for my hospital?

Contact us on our website, and provide an email address. A representative will connect with you and provide a Media Kit and information for ordering product to your hospital. A Purchase Order can be submitted via email, fax or phone and will be fulfilled within 2 business days.


Can I trial a Vampiro at my hospital?

We offer samples and trials of the Vampiro for any new surgeon that is interested in our product. Please inquire for more information.


Does the Vampiro have FDA Approval?

The manufacturer is registered with the FDA. The Vampiro is classified as a Class ll Exempt device meaning that it must meet all regulatory requirements of a class Il device but does not require a 510K submission. 


Where is the Vampiro manufactured?

The Vampiro is manufactured and sterilized in the United States of America.


How is the Vampiro sterilized and packaged?

The Vampiro uses EO sterilization and double Tyvek pouching.


Should the Vampiro be disposed of after one use?

As indicated in the IFU, the Vampiro is a one-time use disposable instrument.


How is Vampiro packaged?

There are 10 individually packaged and sterilized units per box. The purchase order minimum is 1 box or 10 instruments.


What equipment is required to use the Vampiro?

The only required equipment is a 5 mm laparoscopic suction catheter with suction/irrigation handpiece.


How can I contact Customer Service to report an issue or complaint with the Vampiro?

Contact us via our website, and a representative will reach out to you. For immediate support, call 614-980-8236.

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